Acupuncturist Salary

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Acupuncturist Salary

The aim of this article is to explain the salary details of an acupuncturist, along with the job description in brief.

Acupuncture, as we all know, is a Chinese medical treatment for dealing with pain in the body parts and to help fast or quick healing of the body. In this treatment, the aim of relieving the body of pain is achieved by acupuncturists by placing needles at definite points of pressure on the body. The demand for acupuncture treatments is rising at a great pace, as many people across the world have positive results from these treatments.

Acupuncturist Salary

The salary of acupuncturists will depend on a variety of factors such as the several years of experience, the skills, how large the client base is and the location of work or practice. One should remember that this is a very skilled profession and the initial salary figures might be less in the case of some candidates. The freshmen in this field with less than two years of experience can earn anything in between USD 25,000 to USD 30,000. However, as per various salary surveys, the median salary is around USD 50,000 per year. The average salary can be in the range of USD 45,000 to USD 62,000 per annum.

The salaries for the ones working in New York and California are believed to be the best while those working in the states of Massachusetts, Los Angeles, Florida and Texas also earn decent pay packages. With a work experience of more than fifteen years, you can easily earn around USD 100,000 or more in the field of acupuncture. The salaries for people working in the metropolitan cities are believed to be more than that of other cities. They either work for a private company, or work on a contract basis or run their own enterprise. Generally, it is advised to start your own enterprise after gaining enough experience in the industry.

Job Description

Acupuncturists help to cure various disorders and help the patients live a normal life free of disorders and pain. The first step involved in the treatment provided by acupuncturists is to study the cases of all the patients individually and carefully evaluate all the details related to their past health conditions and the present health and disorders or diseases he is suffering from. The decision related to the place of insertion of needles is taken after carefully studying all the above aspects. In their acupuncture courses, they are taught the right way of inserting the needles, as any mistake while doing this procedure can affect the health of the patient. Thus, the job needs a lot of concentration, presence of mind, requisite skills and complete knowledge of the technique of acupuncture.

If you wish to become an acupuncturist, then it is very essential to complete your graduation from a recognized university with a good score and then opt for a master’s degree in the field of acupuncture. You will also have to clear the exam, which is conducted for issuing the licenses, which are mandatory for practicing.

Hence, we conclude that this is an exciting and well-paying career option. Your success in this field will depend on how well you sharpen your skills and take the advantage of the opportunities you get.

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