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Action Words for Resume Writing

Action Words for Resume Writing
To have your resume shine among several others, you have to use language that will communicate to your potential employer, why you are better than the rest. Here are some action words that you can use in your resume to send out the appropriate message. Take a look.
Puja Lalwani
No matter how good you are at your job, if you are unable to put it down effectively in your resume, it is going to be difficult to get through to the potential employer. As such, given here are some powerful words for writing a resume that will distinctly enhance it. These are words that will showcase you in a positive light, and will have you appear worth your while.
The Importance of Using Action Words in your Resume
Sometimes, you don't have the opportunity to be present when your resume is being perused by a potential employer. As such, your resume has to do all the talking for you. In your absence, how do you convince a potential employer that you are perfect for the job? How should he know that the resume in his hand is proof of your abilities to be the ideal employee? You therefore need to use some powerful, hard-hitting action words to support every task you have performed, every activity you have undertaken in college (if you don't have work experience), and every skill you possess. This makes a whole world of a difference to the way you are perceived and can help you get at least that first meeting with the potential employer. So ready to make your resume speak for you? Here's a whole list of words that you can use to have your resume stand out, irrespective of the type of resume it is.

Accelerated Acquired Accomplished Achieved
Acquainted Allocated Adapted Administered
Addressed Activated Altered Advanced
Advised Amended Appointed Arranged
Applied Analyzed Assigned Attended
Approved Appraised Arbitrated Attained
Acted Assembled Assessed Asked
Apprised Anticipated Adhered Assisted
Attracted Audited Authorized Augmented
Averted Authored Awarded Automated
Built Boosted Briefed Balanced
Broadened Budgeted Brought Bargained
Caused Consolidated Classified Clarified
Chaired Combined Contracted Controlled
Communicated Consulted Coordinated Conceptualized
Changed Compiled Corrected Concluded
Conceived Critiqued Cataloged Compared
Completed Considered Commented Closed
Collected Counseled Constructed Converted
Created Counted Conducted Continued
Decentralized Deferred Diagnosed Decided
Delegated Distinguished Documented Diversified
Distributed Defined Discounted Discovered
Designed Developed Dispatched Drafted
Devised Diverted Directed Determined
Devoted Demonstrated Delivered Displayed
Disclosed Decreased Dissembled Divested
Designated Described Doubled Diagrammed
Expedited Engaged Employed Executed
Encouraged Edited Eased Eliminated
Exceeded Enriched Endorsed Earned
Enabled Effected Established Enhanced
Entered Extended Evaluated Elected
Enforced Explained Exposed Estimated
Extrapolated Examined Exercised Expanded
Entertained Exempted Extracted Engineered
Focused Functioned Facilitated Formed
Focused Functioned Facilitated Formed
Figured Furnished Framed Formalized
Fulfilled Familiarized Fabricated Formulated
Forecasted Fortified Financed Founded
Granted Governed Guided Greeted
Grossed Generated Graded Grouped
Gathered Gauged Gained Gave
Grew Guaranteed Graduated Garnered
Hosted Halved Hired Hypothesized
Helped Handled Headed Held
Interpreted Investigated Instructed Inquired
Incurred Instilled Innovated Invented
Introduced Influenced Indoctrinated Induced
Instituted Increased Interviewed Inspired
Instigated Identified Improvised Involved
Installed Inventoried Invested Inaugurated
Implemented Insured Illustrated Initiated
Informed Integrated Interacted Issued
Joined Judged Justified Jump-started
Journeyed Journaled
Launched Lectured Led Leased
Located Leveraged Learned Lifted
Manipulated Marketed Monitored Mediated
Mobilized Masterminded Measured Mapped
Manufactured Motivated Modeled Managed
Moderated Merged Mentored Maximized
Negotiated Navigated Neutralized Normalized
Named Narrated Nurtured Netted
Observed Outlined Obtained Oversaw
Orchestrated Organized Operated Overcame
Originated Overhauled Opened Ordered
Outsourced Offseted
Planned Propagated Propounded Persuaded
Participated Presented Perceived Promoted
Projected Publicized Proposed Procured
Presided Predicted Performed Prevented
Processed Proved Prioritized Pioneered
Prepared Programmed Propelled Pinpointed
Partnered Protected Produced Perfected
Probed Preserved Practiced Provoked
Qualified Questioned Quantified Quadrupled
Reconciled Recommended Recorded Reviewed
Rendered Redesigned Raised Referred
Revolutionized Refined Remodeled Regulated
Repaired Reorganized Replaced Reported
Reduced Recruited Received Realized
Resolved Responded Restored Restructured
Routed Reversed Researched Revised
Revitalized Recycled Rated Recognized
Searched Solved Standardized Specialized
Suggested Studied Simulated Served
Shaped Scheduled Supervised Solicited
Sorted Saved Satisfied Surpassed
Structured Supported Summarized Shared
Sponsored Secured Selected Started
Sustained Systematized Strengthened Surveyed
Spearheaded Streamlined Separated Simplified
Transitioned Targeted Tested Tutored
Trained Terminated Transmitted Taught
Traveled Transformed Transcribed Tracked
Totaled Traded Troubleshot Tightened
Upgraded Utilized United Uncovered
Updated Undertook Underwrote Unraveled
Verified Validated Viewed Volunteered
Verbalized Vitalized Visualized Ventured
Widened Won Wrote Worked
Weighed Withdrew Waged Welcomed
Believe it or not, there are definitely some more action words for resume writing that can make it in this list. For now, this is the best compilation possible. The use of these words in your cover letter and resume will make you appear as a proactive individual who is goal-driven and determined to succeed. Use these words well. They can make all the difference.
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