Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Sample

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Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Sample

Do you want to learn how to write a resume for the position of an accounts payable clerk? In this article, we tell you how to do the same by giving you a sample for reference.

What is the profile of an accounts payable clerk? Accounts payable is a blanket term that is used to refer to the payments that need to be paid and debts that need to be cleared with creditors. As an accounts payable clerk or a bookkeeping executive, you are responsible for maintaining a proper record of all the payments and debts that need to be paid off by the company and the services that needs to be paid for and cleared with other corporate organizations. In an accounts department, this is just one of the many transactions that need to be taken care of. As an accounts payable clerk, you will be expected to have a through knowledge of accounting software. You will also need to have in depth knowledge about tax payment processes and also be able to create new processes to increase work efficiency.

Resume for an Accounts Payable Clerk

Most resume samples you refer to will tell you that there is a specific format that needs to be followed. You need to include information like your professional experience, your educational qualifications, your skill set, any other skills that you possess, and an objective that tells your prospective employer exactly what your long term career goals are. While drafting a resume as an accounts payable clerk you need to include information like what your job description as an accounts payable clerk at your previous job was. Include those career details that will convince the reader that you are the perfect candidate for the job. The resume given below should help you understand how such a resume needs to be drafted.

Melanie Carmichael
2324, Oak Boulevard
Champaign, Illinois – 34233
Phone No: 232-343 2313
Email id:



To expand my experience base and to further my working knowledge in the field of accountancy by getting work as a accounts payable clerk.

Summary of Experience

  • In depth knowledge of important accountancy processes and techniques.
  • Experience in handling different type of accounts and working on them according to what is demanded.
  • Experience in introducing work processes that enhance the quality and productivity of work.

Work Experience

Miller & Associates
Champaign, Illinois
Accounts Department
From 2009 till date

  • Responsible for handling all payable and receivable accounts.
  • Responsible for ensuring the vendor invoices are sent out on a timely basis and payments are received on time.
  • Handled the responsibility of sending out purchase orders and credit memos. Also handled the additional responsibility of developing financial reports.
  • Worked on the maintenance and upkeep of all ledgers regarding accounts.
  • Negotiation of past accounts that remained due was under my work profile.
  • Handled client accounts for work related to tax refunds.
  • Responsible for design of tax payment system using existing software that increased efficiency and reduced costs involved.
  • Responsible for different tasks during annual audits and creation of final certification reports.

Educational Qualifications

JFK High School, Champaign, Illinois
Batch of 2006

Junior College, Champaign, Illinois
Extra Credit Course in Accounting, 2005 – 2006

University of Illinois, Illinois
Bachelors in Business Administration, 2008

Other Skills

  • Proficiency in major accounting software and office software.
  • Proficiency in French and Spanish


Davis Holmes
Accounts Manager
Dalhousie Associates
Phone No: 232-344 2323
Email id:

This sample of a resume for an accounts payable clerk has hopefully helped you understand how you need to draft such a resume. Ensure that you always check the resume for any spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. A good resume needs to not only use the right language but also needs to follow the proper format and be free of any silly mistakes or errors.

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