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Accounts Executive Resume Sample

Accounts Executive Resume Sample

Before applying for the position of an accounts executive, you are expected to prepare a well formatted resume. In this resource, ideas about what your resume must include along with an accounts executive resume sample has been presented.
Kundan Pandey
Resume writing is an integral aspect of employment these days. Employers expect you to present a brief account of your personality, achievements and your educational backgrounds so that they can get a first hand account of your ability to work for the expected designation. A resume hence acts as the first impression through which you can prove that you're the perfect candidate for the concerned job. Based on your experience and skills, you can prepare an accounts executive resume.

Role of Account Executives in a Firm: An Overview

Account executives are the professionals who're employed by a large number of business houses. It can be a corporate firm, an advertising agency or a public relations company. Since they are employed in a variety of job settings, the tasks of accounts executives may slightly vary for every job type. In general, the core duties entailed in an accounts executive job description are focused on negotiating with business clients. In an advertising set up, for instance, the account executive acts as a bridge between the clients and the advertising agency besides monitoring business contracts and its profitability for the agency. In a marketing firm, his duty will be to maintain excellent professional relationships with the business clients. He may introduce corporate houses to the potential business opportunities. He may also work in sync with marketing managers to chalk out successful strategies for marketing the product. He may also be present in seminars, shows and public talks to showcase products and services of the company. Similarly, in a public relations company, he may use different media sources for promoting the product. He will also ensure that clients are positive and motivated about doing business contracts with his firm.

You must be surprised to observe that when most of the tasks involved in an accounts executive work is of communication and excellent personality skills, where can knowledge of business and accounting be fruitful in this profession. Well, the fact is that in every industry, accounts executives are involved in generating incremental business ideas, identifying right market opportunities and preparing strategic sales presentations. All this requires awareness of the intricacies of business, finances and accounts to quite a good extent. Though a bachelor's degree in mathematics, business administration, marketing or MBAs are preferred, it is not a limitation for this job. Employers generally prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree but you can apply for this position even if you hold a diploma or high school degree. Work experience is certainly an added advantage to land up a job in this profession. It is imperative to first know about eligibility criteria established by specific employer.

Writing an Account Executive's Resume
The most important aspect of resume writing is the ability to present precise information. The resume doesn't need to be long and very descriptive. Without excluding the important details, you've got to mention everything in simple sentences. Your language should be simple and easy to understand. You can begin your resume by briefly stating your experiences in the previous jobs. Remember your work experience must be associated to the designation for which you're applying. There is no scope for unnecessary details in your resume. Have a look at an accounts executive resume sample. This will also help you to know about the proper accounts executive resume format.

Resume for an Accounts Executive in an Ad Agency
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To work with an accounts firm, as an account executive to use my organizational, communication and account skills gained during the 7 years of work experience to help the firm grow and explore new opportunities in the industry.

XYZ Advertising
Account Executive, 2007-Present
  • Created corporate accounts for several new clients that resulted in profitable business for the firm.
  • Planned and coordinated sales strategies that paved the way for successful launch of products in the market.
  • Proven track record of excellent client relationships for charting profitable sales policies.
  • Implemented strategies to use the online media as an effective tool for grabbing customer attention.
Accounts Executive Assistant, 2004-07
  • Assisted senior account executives in maintaining good relations with corporate clients and handling accounts related works.
  • Gathered background information for research works of the accounts departments.
  • Assisted accounts department staff with regards to preparation of all mailings, word processing, agendas, conference reports and everything related to account management.
  • Handling all files concerned with clients activities and preparing reports for competitors performance in the industry.
  • Monitoring and helping ad staff in implementing sales policies.
Accounts Executive with 7 years of experience, possessing expertise in the following areas:
  • Maintaining, designing and handling strategic sales policies.
  • Expertise in handling computers, preparing charts, graphs and presentations.
  • An eye for detail in every task.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Sharp business acumen while designing sales policies.
  • Ability to bring the best in each team member.
Gem University, Veronica, Texas
Four Year's Degree in Marketing and Sales
The National Institute of Accounts, USA
One year diploma holder in Account Maintenance

The CareerStint article resume writing examples will help you to know in detail about some best ways to write a resume. Going through the above account executive resume sample must have given you insights about creating your own resume. As a parting advice, make sure that the information presented by you in the resume is up-to-date and true to the best of your knowledge. Any factual error in your resume is a sign of poor management from your side and it can possibly ruin your chances of getting the job.