What Career Opportunities are there in the Field of Accounting?

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What Career Opportunities are there in the Field of Accounting?

Corporate accounting and auditing are some of the best jobs opportunities in the accounting field. Read ahead to know more about them.

Accounting is a profession that requires a person to have the best analytical and logical thinking, decision-making, mathematical, and communication skills. Many people have a misconception regarding this career opportunity. They think that this field only has one profession, and that is being an ‘accountant’.

However, you need to know that this broad area consists of many different jobs such as auditing, forensic accounting, tax accounting, financial analysis, just to name a few. Also remember that these jobs are highly paid.

Accounting Job Opportunities and Careers

Tax Accountant

He is a finance expert who is well versed with federal and state tax laws. The employer hands over the responsibility of resolving tax issues and requirements to this type of accountant. This is a high paying job with the average yearly salary of around $70,000.

Accounting Analyst

An accounting analyst is a professional who oversees most of the financial management tasks of the employer. His primary job is to find out errors, and help the management carry out other financial aspects relating to property taxes, payroll, and other serious matters. The median pay comes to about a good $80,000 annually.

Payroll Accountant

As the name suggests, a payroll accountant does the job of carrying out all tasks concerned with payroll management. He has to coordinate work along with professionals from the human resources and accounts practices. The per year median income of a payroll accountant is reported to be somewhere around $50,000.


An auditor plays a very crucial role in the smooth operations of a company. He is required to review, study, and document the financial and operational activities in such a way that, it complies with other processes. The yearly earning of auditors is considered to be about $75,000 on an average.

Corporate Accountant

A corporate accountant is an expert who works in a company to oversee all its financial aspects. His job primarily includes documenting all financial dealings and records, and sending periodic reports, forecasts and researches to the top management when asked for. The median per annum pay of corporate accountants is believed to be around $70,000, if not more.

Accounting Director

You can say that an accounting director is the head of the accounting department in an organization. He makes sure that all duties are being executed appropriately by the department. Being from the top management, the per annum salary of this professional is projected to be around $90,000.

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant is a person who investigates if there are any illegal financial practices and misconducts involved in financial management. He may even work with business attorneys and auditors for that matter. The average per annum income for this position is considered to be $80,000 approximately. This career requires knowledge of court proceedings, financial management, and an investigatory attitude.

These are the best accounting jobs that you can choose to work in at present. In order to become a successful accountant in any of the aforementioned fields, you need to have the necessary educational qualifications along with logical thinking ability and sharp mathematical skills. Today, along with the necessary qualifications and experience, you also need to have the ability to work with different accounting software platforms.

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