Cover Letter Sample for Accountant

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Cover Letter Sample for Accountant

Want to learn how to write a great accountant cover letter? Read ahead to find a sample template that will serve as a reference.

What is a cover letter? A cover letter is something you send along with your resume, to a recruiter, explaining why you think you’re the perfect person to take up the job that the company is offering. While resume writing only involves the detailed summary of your education and the previous jobs you have held, a cover letter tells the recruiter more about your skills and the person you are. Cover letters are written for any kind of job as a supplement to the resume.

Accountant Cover Letter

It is written by the accountant who is sending his job application to a particular company. The cover letter, for one, is a good evidence of the fact that he wants a particular job.

Second, in the cover letter he needs to talk about his skill set. What can he do? What can he bring to the company? What is it that gives him an edge over the other applicants? Most commonly, in a cover letter, you ought to explain your achievements in your past jobs and highlight the qualities you have, which you feel the recruiting company must be looking for. If you have worked with companies having a good brand name then, don’t forget to mention that as well.

Thirdly, elucidate your academic achievements. The resume is just a list of achievements. It is the cover letter that tells the recruiter what was it that made you achieve whatever it was that you did.

And lastly, don’t make the letter too long. An accountant’s cover letter needs to be less than two pages. Anything longer than that can be too boring for a recruiter to read anyway. So pack in a solid punch within these two pages you have!

Cover Letter Template

After seeing the cover letter examples you will realize without a shred of a doubt, that it is a formal letter. So be short, keep the language simple and concentrate on verifiable facts. Do not brag or seem to full of yourself.

Your Name.
Address Line 1,
Address Line 2,
Zip Code.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Your newspaper piece X___X, advertising your need for an accountant stated that you need someone who has thorough knowledge of the subject, good work experience, a willingness and drive to work through the demanding hours that your company will ask of the candidate.

I believe that I am that candidate, and my belief has solid foundations. My resume will tell you that I have secured first-class grades throughout my academic career. I have scored 85% during my bachelor’s course and 83% in the qualifying examination.

I have also worked for the past 7 years in ABC Corporation, and having started off at their entry-level, am now, after a succession of positions, currently holding the post of accounts vice president of the western region.

And I believe that the hours of work I put into this job, the passion with which I have done my work, has a very important role to play in my progress. So I ask you to consider me for the job opening in your company. I believe I have what it takes to be one of your best employees.

I would look forward to an opportunity to meet you in person, and tell you about how the qualities I possess would be of benefit to your organization.

Thanking you,
Mr Smith

So this was all about the accounting cover letter for resume. Like I said, the cover letter needs to be a well written account of your achievements. And if it helps you land the job, its well worth the effort isn’t it?

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