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5 Career Tips Every Web Developer Should Know

Lewis Robinson Oct 24, 2019
Most web developers work for a small or big businesses and use online website making as a tool to help out the business grow. Most important process as a web developer is setting up the website. Your online presence is how customers will find you and learn about your business. Here are some steps to make your career journey more successful.

1) Have a Clear Goal for the Website

As with any business project, it is important to have a goal for your website. What should a visitor do when he visits your website? Will he or she make a purchase? Contact your sales team? Visit your brick and mortar location? Understanding what you want your website to do, will guide you in every step of the design process.

2) Build From a Framework

Don’t try to build the website from the ground up yourself. Use existing tools to make it easier to create something beautiful and functional. If you are still new as a web developer, you may want to use something very out-of-the-box. If you or an associate has some abilities with web development, you may want to use a CSS framework such as Bulma CSS.

3) Be Clear and Concise

Marketing communication is all about clarity and persuasiveness. You won’t be selling anything to anyone if your writing is confusing. Fortunately, there is plenty of beginner’s guidance for writing website copy. This extends beyond the writing as well. Think about the message your website structure is sending.

4) Map Out Page Flows

Create a map of the path you expect your customers to take when they visit your website. What will be the pages they land on typically? Where will they go next? This map will help you get into the mind of your visitors. Remember that no everyone’s journey will be exactly the same, but your design should be guiding them through your site.

5) Buy Your Domain

A lot of entrepreneurs are hesitant to invest too much money when they are not earning revenue yet. You absolutely should advice your business to buy a domain. This is a relatively minor expense and will give them ownership of the online storefront of your business. You can settle for a free or inexpensive hosting service but definitely purchase your domain.