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5 Ways to Show Your Boss You’re an Engaged Employee

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If you’re reading this blog, you may be interested in learning how to get a job. Many entries will help you in that capacity.

However, once you land a gig, you also need to focus on not only keeping it, but leveraging it to grow your career. That requires making sure your employer knows you’re an engaged employee who is willing to work hard and develop your skills.

The following are key ways to do so. To demonstrate to an employer that you’re engaged and motivated, keep these tips in mind.

5 Ways to Prove You’re a Dedicated Employee

Ask Questions

When it makes sense to do so, ask your superiors and colleagues questions about tasks and projects you might not be directly involved in just yet. Engaged employees want to learn. They’re eager to take on new responsibilities. By asking questions, you’ll show that you’re not content to simply complete your daily to-do list and clock out at the end of the day.

Always, Always, Always do Your Best Work

It’s important to ensure your boss knows you’re the type of motivated employee who wants to expand your horizons. Just make sure this doesn’t prevent you from focusing your attention on your current duties. You need to go above and beyond expectations whenever possible. You also need to take responsibility when you don’t meet expectations. This will let your employer know you care about performing well on a personal level.

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Learn

Depending on the nature of your employer, there’s a good chance they provide you with at least some opportunities to develop your skills. These may take the form of optional seminars, online courses, and more.

Even when these opportunities are merely optional, take advantage of them. Your employer will notice you’re eagerly doing whatever you can to make yourself a more valuable member of the workforce. Additionally, by leveraging these opportunities, you’ll be more prepared to perform impressively when you do earn a promotion.

Actively Participate in Meetings

When you have the option to participate in a meeting, do so. More importantly, make sure you actively participate. Simply attending the meeting without saying a word isn’t enough to make a strong impression on your employer. While respecting the authority of others, you should offer your own ideas, take notes when others are speaking, and generally make sure your boss knows you take the meeting seriously.

Take Initiative

If you apply these tips, odds are good your boss will eventually give you the choice of taking on additional projects. Your performance with these new responsibilities will help them better determine whether you’re ready for a promotion.

It’s important not to overburden yourself. If your performance genuinely will suffer because you’ve accepted more work than you can handle, it’s best to let your employer know they should offer a project to someone else. However, if you can honestly say you’ll continue to perform impressively after accepting more responsibility, say yes to these opportunities.

Quite simply, where you start in your career doesn’t need to be where you end. A new job is an opportunity to grow and climb the ladder. You’re more likely to do so if you demonstrate you’re an engaged employee.

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